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Peace, Yoga

General Information
Yoga is a practice that is used to give people inner peace and some level of physical fitness. The practice involves a variety of stretches, breathing exerciser and even meditation. This practice has its roots in several different religions, namely Buddhism and Hindu.

Yoga began under many different religions but it is most commonly associated with Buddhism. It created sometime in the late thirst century BCE, however it would not come to prominence until the early 20th century. It was during this time that many amateur practitioners from the west began taking trips or pilgrimages to places such as India and China. After practicing for years under one of the Yoga masters, these westerners return end to America and Europe with their newly developed knowledge and began to teach other westerners about the value of practicing Yoga. Today, Yoga is a massive part of the health and fitness industry.

Benefits of Yoga
Yoga has now been recognized by practitioners of western medicine as being very beneficial to individual health and well-being. Many doctors suggest Yoga for their patients experiencing such ailments as cancer and schizophrenia. Yoga is not recommended as an actual treatment for these conditions, rather to complement existing therapies. Some of the benefits of practicing Yoga are:
  • Lower Blood Pressure: Numerous studies have pointed to the ability of Yoga to help lower blood pressure. In fact, one such study even determined that Yoga was more effective at do this than several different commonly prescribed blood pressure medications.
  • More Restful Sleep: Yoga has been shown to be effective in treating mild to severe cases of reoccurring insomnia. It has also been shown that practicing Yoga leads to far more restful sleep in its practitioners than in non-practitioners.
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