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General Information
Writing is generally referred to as the process of manually inscribing information through language onto paper or another medium.  Writing is not limited to hand scribing, but it also envelops the general concept of transferring thought or ideas through language into word or text format. In this sense, writing is equivalent to thought generating. For example, someone may say that they are “writing a story” while they are typing the story into a computer. To write, unless expressly referring to scribing, often indicates ownership or authorship. Frequently, people refer to converting thoughts to texts as writing to indicate that they are using their own ideas even if they are not doing so by hand.

Writing is believed to have originated in ancient Mesopotamia. Officials used writing as a way to keep track of certain aspects of city life. The Uruk-type that was inscribed onto clay tablets in Mesopotamia is one of the earliest forms of writing known to man. Other early forms of writing appeared in Egyptian hieroglyphs. These hieroglyphs appeared as images that relayed words or ideas to the reader.

Careers in Writing
Writing is an essential part of everyday life. Many professionals base their careers on the act of writing. There are many types of professional writers.
  • Book Writers and Novelists: These writers are the first people who come to mind when most think about writing careers. They often write informational books such as history books or fictional books such as novels. 
  • Playwrights and Screenwriters: Playwrights are the people who write the scripts for theater productions such as plays and musicals. Screenwriters generally write the scripts for television and movies and other types of films.
  • Blog Writers and Freelance Writers: Blog writers are people who author personal blogs or who contribute to a blog on a regular basis. They also contribute to other people’s blogs as freelance writers. Freelance writers perform contracted work and they write anything that they are hired to write. They may specialize in one or more fields.
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