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General Information
Woodworking constitutes any craft or trade that involves wood. Often times, items are being created from wood when referring to woodworking. Examples of woodwork include carving and carpentry. These are the most common types of woodwork being performed today. Carving things out of wood encompasses many traditions, hobbies, and trades. Things from sculptures, to puppets, to shoes are made out of wood in various regions of the world. Carpentry is the most common woodworking profession alive today.  Carpenters are mostly known for crafting furniture such as tables, chairs, desks, shelves, couches, benches, and storage units.

Common Uses
The most common uses for woodwork are furniture building and carving home molding fixtures. Home molding fixtures are a popular feature of older and luxury homes. The highest quality home items are usually made out of real wood.  Alternatives to wood are materials such as particleboard or laminate. These items are commonly thought of as wood imitators or wood look-alikes. These fake wood alternatives make authentic wood and woodworking even more valuable and sought out. Genuine wood floorboards are generally more highly regarded than laminate wood flooring. Woodworking is a trade that falls under the category of furniture making. Furniture is something that is always in demand, and tradespeople are always needed to produce quality wood furniture.

Popular Wood Items
There are many items that people use that are crafted from wood by woodworkers.
  • Home Items: Wooden home items include furniture, flooring, beams, fixtures, lamp bases, cabinets, molding, windowsills, doors, doorframes, wall paneling, and doghouses. 
  • Business: Wooden items frequently used in businesses include desks and other furniture, crates, pallets, boxes, platforms, and storage units.
  • Miscellaneous Items: Other items made from wood that people keep and use include wagons, statues, instruments, bowls, figurines, toys, baskets, boxes, coasters, and cooking utensils.
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