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General Information
Wikis are collaborative Internet websites where all of the content is both structured and modified from within a web browser. Wiki pages are generally composed using a very simply language known as “wiki markup” and are edited using a rich-text editor. Wiki is a Hawaiian word that means “quick.” A singular wiki on a wiki web site is known as a “wiki page.” Wikis are defined as a catalog for both creating and searching through information.

Wiki Creation
Wiki pages are run with the use of what is known as wiki software, or a wiki engine. There are different types of wiki engines, from standalones, proprietary, to open source. The ability to edit and modify a wiki page varies from wiki to wiki. Some allow editing rights to anyone, while others restrict it to private users or founders. Wikis are published without a credited author or owner.

Characteristics of a Wiki Page
A wiki is a place for communities to come together and collaborate over the creation of pages. They are simple to create and manage. Wiki pages include the following characteristics:
  • A true wiki invites any and all users to either edit or create new wiki pages that appear on the wiki Web site.
  • Wiki cultivates topics with significant associations to be linked across wiki pages, which allows for intended targets to be easily found. 
  • Wiis are not sites that cater to the everyday visitor. They are meant to involve any visitors in both the creation and collaboration of the ever-changing wiki web site. 
Popular Wiki Sites
The largest wiki-based website ever created is Wikipedia. It is one of the most popular and viewed sites in the world, and is actually a website that is composed of hundreds upon hundreds of wiki pages that are both in public and private format. Revised May 24th, 2016 Submit a Website

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