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General Information
Web hosting is a service in which a person, both for personal and business use, may design their own website and make it available for access via the Internet. Web hosting companies offer space onto their server, which they then lease out to their customers. Web hosting also offers a connection to the Internet from a data center and can house other servers within their data center space as well.

Web Hosting Basics
The capacity of a particular web-hosting site differs from service to service. There are very basic hosting sites that are designed to support what is known as small-scale files. These tiny files are then uploaded to the web host server without much processing taking place beforehand. Some web hosting services are free, while others charge a fee for their usage. Usually, a free web hosting service is offered for personal use, while web hosting that has been designed for businesses come with a monthly or yearly fee that is determined by the capacity of the website being hosted.

Types of Web Hosting
There are a few different types of web hosting services such as:
  • Free web hosting- these sites come with very limited services, and come with advertising in order to support the site. 
  • Shared web hosting- This involves a website that is sharing a server with multiple other sites. Because of this, the services are generally limited and inflexible 
  • Reseller web hosting- with this service, the client may become the web host, thus they are in charge of tech support for themselves. 
  • Cloud hosting- A newer form of web hosting, where the client has access to reliable hosting and is charged upon utility usage. 
  • Managed web hosting- The user gets his or her own web server that is leased out to them, but is not given full access or control to it. 
  • Dedicated web hosting- a user has their own server, but does not own the server, and does not have complete control over it.
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