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Browser games are computer games that can only be played via a web browser. Some require you to install special plug-ins, while others can be played using the standard technology available. Single player games are readily available, while others can only played by multiple players at the same time.

Other differences can also be noticed. Some browser games are just simple puzzles, while others introduce the player to complex virtual worlds where they can fight, explore and engage in player versus player battles.

Browser games are preferred by many players, as they can be played on a large variety of devices, and operating systems. They are often portable, and they can be played from more than one device, and game developers now even aim at cross-platform capabilities for their games, browser-based or not.

Since they are played online, a connection to the Internet is required. While there has been a common belief that these games are especially geared towards casual players, today browser games have become so complex that regular gamers are also playing them.

Free-to-play is the most common business model encountered for browser games. The companies developing them make money by offering various extras in exchange for a fee, but their games can be played without paying anything. Revised May 30th, 2016 Submit a Website

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