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Web development consists of creating and maintaining websites. The production of websites includes web graphic design, authoring, interface design, programming, and search engine optimization. The web design part of web development focuses on graphic design and other front end projects. The design process typically relates to the client side of a website. Web designers are responsible for the front end of the website, which users can see, more than any other part of the site. Usually, designers work in teams taking different roles and jobs for developing a website. Occasionally a designer will cover each aspect themselves without the aid of other specialists.

Web design is an important area of web development and is a relatively new topic that came about in the last couple of decades with the advent of the Internet. Web design became most important after the creation of the World Wide Web in the early 1990’s. Since then, it has been evolving through different phases of technology and application to become a more efficient industry for increasing the usability of websites.

Web Designers
Web designers are responsible for developing the way a website will appear and they are usually skilled in graphic design programs. Web designers create the page layout of websites as well as content production. They are familiar with the HTML language and they apply it in their work. To create a successful and functional website, they must be acquainted with web accessibility guidelines and the basics of usability.

Web designers are trained professionally in schools or online courses or they may be self-taught. The most important thing is that they are familiar with the information and software needed to build an attractive and functional layout. Web designers are responsible for the color choices, characters, and graphics on your favorite sites. With the Internet becoming an ever-increasing necessity in peoples’ daily lives, the role of web designers is elevating and becoming even more valuable and in demand.

 Web design includes the following:
  • Web graphic design
  • Web page layout
  • Usability formatting 
  • Authoring
  • Interface design
  • Client side development
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