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General Information: Web comics (also referred to as online comics or Internet comics) are comics that are published on a website. They can be exclusively published online, as many are, but they can also be published in other sources such as newspapers or comic books. The very first web comics were published in the late 1980s but their popularity did not see a dramatic increase until sometime in the late 1990s.

The Online Medium: Traditionally, comics were only found in printed mediums such as newspapers, comic books, and magazines. The development of the online medium has made the creation and publishing of comics far more accessible for everyone including serious creators and even casual hobbyists. This medium has also expanded the possibilities of what can be created since the creators are no longer bound by physical constraints.

Styles, Content, and Format: Because the online medium is almost completely unrestrained, many different web comics have been developed. Differences in styles, content, and format are quite wide-ranging.
  • Styles: The traditional comic style is one of hand drawn characters and setting, but web comics aren't necessarily bound to this. Many different styles have emerged in the world of web comics, including the use of pixel art, clip art, and other very looking art. In fact, some web comics use nothing more than crudely drawn stick figures with some additional details, such as the ever-popular Rage Comics.
  • Content: In the world of printed media, comic creators were constrained in the content of their comics due to pressure from the editors and publishers. On the Internet though, censorship is virtually non-existent. This means that creators can make comics around whatever theme they wish, even themes that are overtly violent or sexual.
  • Format: Because the online medium is not physically constrained, comic creators are not required to use standard formatting of their comics. These comics can include vastly differing frame sizes (or abandoning the frames altogether), unusual color schemes, and even animations.
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