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General Information
Weather is what is all around us; it is the wind, air, moisture, temperature, pressure and sights around us. Weather is considered a determinate factor in almost everything that humans and animals do or consider doing on a daily basis. Humans and animals check the weather in simple and complex ways to determine the course of action on any given plan or purpose. Humans will use sophisticated devices to check the weather like barometers and thermometers and measuring devices to check the depth of snow or amount of rain that falls. Animals, it is thought, have innate intuition about weather and can sense the weather.

Characteristics Of Weather
Weather is, temperature, wind, precipitation, humidity and cloud cover. Weather can be warm and sunny, cold and sunny, warm and cloudy, cold and cloudy. Weather in different parts of the world can be humid, dry, calm, rough, snowy, and rainy. Humidity plays a big role in how we feel as relative humidity can make us feel warmer than the actual temperature or colder.  The same is true for wind; high winds can make you feel colder than what you actually may be, known as the wind chill factor.

Specific Types of Weather
  • Snow – Snow happens when water freezes in the clouds and falls to the ground, it typically happens when the temperature is blow freezing.
  • Rain – Rain is liquid that falls from the clouds and typically occurs when the temperature is above freezing.
  • Sleet – Is rain and snow mixed that melts as it falls to the ground and occurs when the temperature is around freezing or slightly above; or fluctuates between freezing and not freezing
  • Hail – are distinct from snow in that they are frozen pellets of rain that fall from the clouds; where as snow is generally light and airy in comparison to ice falling from the sky. 
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