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General Information
Video streaming involves an individual or end user receiving multimedia, in this case a video file that has been delivered by a provider for viewing. The term streaming signifies to the manner of the media being delivered. Streaming is not the same thing as downloading. Internet television is some of the most popular forms of video and media streaming on the Internet to date. Video streaming has expanded its use, and can be found as both an entertainment source as well as for educational, business, or personal purposes.

Characteristics of Video Streaming
Video streaming is done through a media player within in the Internet browser. A user may watch movies, television shows, videos, and clips and can begin to stream them even before all of the data has been transmitted for viewing. Streaming occurs within the Internet browser over an Internet connection and does not involve a user downloading the video to their desktop for viewing. Video streaming can also take place during what is called a live video stream. This occurs when the video content is being uploaded live on the Internet while users are simultaneously viewing it as it is being streamed live.

History of Video Streaming
Video streaming did not become mainstream or available to the general public until the late 1990’s when the technology saw a shift in commercial availability and newer technology. Both advances in the computer networking systems coupled with the growing abilities of home computers and powerful operating systems, allowed for streaming videos to become both practical and affordable.

Video streaming has begun to pair well with social media, as big media streaming outlets such as YouTube, have begun to cultivate a culture of social interacting via live chats, streams, and online surveys. Video streaming has also been utilized to stream lectures and talks as is seen with the popular TED Talks. Revised June 6th, 2016 Submit a Website

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