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General Information
A video game is a game that is viewed and operated with the aid of a computer system and a screen. Many video games are geared towards television use and are operated with computerized gaming consoles. Other video games are made for computers or PC’s and are controlled with plug-in devices or the mouse and keyboard. Video games are also played with hand held game system devices that come with their own built-in screens and controllers.

Video games did not emerge into entertainment culture until the early 1950’s. For several decades, however, video games remained unpopular due to the bulk of computers during this time. It wasn’t until the 1970’s, when arcades arrived on the scene that video games became a popular form of entertainment. Gaming continued to evolve until the present day.

Popular types of video games
There are a very wide variety of video games available to gamers. There are games that pertain to every subject imaginable from board games to war games. The most popular types of video games are listed below.
  • First Person Shooter Games: these are any games where the player is shooting objects or people. These include hunting games, war games, and zombie games.
  • Sports Games: these games use all the rules of traditional sports to allow the player to participate in the sport using the controller. Some popular sports games include tennis, football, basketball, skateboarding, golf, and fishing. 
  • Board Games: These are traditional board games in computerized format, operated with the aid of a keyboard or controller. These games typically include chess, checkers, Risk, Monopoly, and Scrabble.
  • Platform Games: platform games are the type of games where the player must pass through a series of challenges by jumping over and around enemies to arrive at the next level. Examples of these types of games include Donkey Kong and Mario Bros.
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