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General Information
URL or universal resource locators are references to a website or other location on the Internet. Many URL's can be rather long, and complex. Using a series of numbers letters and a combination of both is rather long and difficult to remember strings. URL shorteners are used to shorten complex or long website address for efficiency. They help make it easier to use the Internet and how we navigate the web and social media sites.

Characteristics of URL Shorteners
The main characteristic of URL shorteners is that they take a long complex web address and make it more marketable and smaller for easier sharing and using. They are used when there are character limits such as in social media situations or in marketing of a large amount of different merchandise. And help in the use of websites that have many links in one page.

Uses of URL Shorteners
  • Promote Sharing – In a world with more complex websites, a shortened URL will help promote sharing that would not otherwise happen with longer more drawn out address do to the complexity of typing those out, and the desire to not want to bother.
  • Provide Added Service – Such as social media feeds and other useful tools to make the shortened URL more desirable. It can help start up companies by using less complex and there less storage on a server, to keep their costs lower.
  • Track Data – Used correctly, you can add a component to the shortened URL to track the usage and other analytic concerns. It is an invaluable way to gain insight into the users who click on the shortened URL
  • Make Things Manageable – It just makes the web more manageable, especially when there are hundreds of different links on one site, having them shortened is more efficient and manageable.
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