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Tuna is the name for a group of fish belonging to the mackerel family, who are distinct for their unique ability to maintain a body temperature higher than their aquatic surroundings. This is due to their specialized respiratory and circulatory systems, which are similar only to that of the mackerel shark, a close relative.

Tuna are very fast fish with streamlined bodies and a powerful swimming musculature. As a food source, tuna is highly popular for a wide variety of reasons, including versatility in cooking as well as an extensive set of health benefits.

For one thing, tuna is incredibly high in protein. A single 3.5-gram serving size contains, on average, 23 grams of protein, making it comparable or superior to other protein sources in the volume of protein per serving. Additionally, tuna is high in omega–3 fatty acids as well as B vitamins, antioxidants, and trace minerals like selenium. Selenium has been connected to healthy immune system function, while antioxidants and B vitamins are directly related to cardiovascular health as well as maintaining a healthy weight and optimal metabolism. With so many immediate benefits, it almost doesn’t even need mentioning that tuna is also incredibly delicious, as well! Revised October 25th, 2015 Submit a Website

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