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The movement from one place to another for short or extended periods of time is nothing new; we've been traveling since we learned how to walk on two legs. Since those days we've come a long way and the technology we use to get around has developed from the use of horses through to our modern travel methods including by bike, car, boat, train and plane and many other modes of travel like hot air balloon. People travel for many reasons including recreational, business, holidays, research or volunteering. Some travel for less than desirable reasons like fleeing war zones or to find work. To travel overseas you will need a passport and travel insurance.

As already stated we have been traveling a long time but the thing that has changed a great deal is how travel arrangements were made. In the 1400s, England and France were required to keep a register of guests at hotels and inns. During the industrial revolution the railways developed across Europe and North America, which resulted in an explosion of hotel building in major cities. A deal was made with the Midland Railway in 1841 by a man named Thomas Cook to sell package tickets to transport 540 members of his temperance society. He received a commission for selling these tickets and became the first registered travel agent.

Cook was arranging travel for hundreds of thousands of people without any of the modern technology we have today. But the travel industry really started to take off from the 1920s with the airlines that were formed around this time to deal with the demand of commercial air travel. At the same time, travel agencies were beginning to appear to manage the bookings for customers for the airlines.

With the development of technology and computerized systems the booking systems became automated starting with travel agencies having access to flight and ticket information from the airlines and becoming what we know today. Booking travel arrangements via the internet offers immediate online bookings for travel, accommodation and car hire, which is much more efficient and convenient.

If you want to travel now, there are a number of websites who can take care of all the arrangements you need. They can book everything from your flights or other mode of travel to the hotel or accommodation you can stay in from a tent, caravan or hostel to a five star hotel. They can arrange how long you want to stay, travel while you're away, travel insurance and pretty much all aspects of the trip you want to make. Sometimes, there are special deals and most of the websites have a search facility where you can specify what you're looking for. The search will return a list of options that meet your requirements from which you can choose your idea trip. Revised January 20th, 2016 Submit a Website

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