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Stock photography represents a supply of professionally taken photographs that can be used by businesses and individuals for commercial purposes. An essential part of advertising and other marketing fields, stock photography offers great opportunities for everyone to use high quality pictures for their websites, blogs, stationery, flyers, t-shirts, TV commercials and so on. Chances are that each time you open a newspaper and see an ad, the pictures used come from a stock photography source.

Stock photographs are pre-existing pictures that are bought – usually by paying a royalty-free fee – by anyone who needs them for their specific projects. They represent a wide array of subjects, from people to buildings, from landscapes to abstract images, and they are very versatile in nature. Anyone can use stock photographs, provided that they pay for the right to use them.

The number one reason why stock photography is so popular is its superior usefulness. Stock images can be used to convey marketing messages, represent a brand, or illustrate book covers. They can be used as they are, or they can be incorporated in other products, like websites and blogs. Either way, keep in mind that the author of the photographs usually retains the rights, while the buyer only purchases the right to use them for commercial purposes. Rights to the photographs is an important legal aspect; people cannot simply find a picture on the internet and use it on their website or blog. Whomever owns the right to these photographs can take legal actions against you if you are using their pictures without permission. Revised March 22nd, 2016 Submit a Website

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