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The Standard American Diet is notorious the world over for its imbalanced nutrient content and connection to both minor and serious health problems.

In American culture, the consumption of highly processed foods is commonplace. The way these foods are processed often removes or destroys much of their natural nutrient content and increases their caloric content. Frying food is one way that this happens. If a person is not aware of how calorically or nutritionally dense a food is, they may soon find themselves overweight or deficient in a macro- or micronutrient. If this imbalance is not corrected, diseases like atherosclerosis and osteoporosis can occur.

Notwithstanding the negative health effects of the Standard American Diet, much of the population continues to adhere to it for the sake of convenience. Many busy parents may get into the habit of purchasing fast food for their children, rather than purchasing fresh market produce and cooking meals at home, where they can control the nutritional and caloric value of the food. Some stick to the diet because it is what they like and are used to; their palate has been acclimated to the typically high sodium, fat, and sugar content of the food they eat. Revised August 26th, 2015 Submit a Website

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