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General Information
Software is a term that describes computer data and instructions that can be read by a computer. It can either be used to create and run applications or be used to provide the operating system and other functions of computers. It provides an interface between the user and the system or to manage different hardware components of the computer.

The first piece of software was written in the 19th Century by Ada Lovelace for an analytical engine. In 1953 Alan Turing wrote an essay about the first theory of software and it was about using numbers and applying them to decision problems. This led to the development of two different branches of development: computer science, which looks at the theory and software engineering, which looks at the creation of practical solutions.

If you use a computer you use software every time you turn it on. As well as the operating system, which makes the computer work and gives you a way to access and integrate with the computer, there are so many different applications out there that we use every day to make life easier for example:
  • Data Back-up – so we don't lose important files and information
  • Web Browsers – we use to find information as well as video content and other forms of entertainment on the internet
  • To Do Lists – to keep track of what we need to do
  • Instant Messengers – to keep up with friends, family or for use in employment
  • Internet Security – to protect our files and information
  • Office Programs – to create word processed letters, spreadsheets or other important documents
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