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Social media has come to shape the world in which we live today, by revolutionizing digital communication through the increased importance of community input. In the age of Web 2.0, websites and blogs do not just feed visitors with information, but they interact with them, through various innovative tools.

Back in the day, people surfing the World Wide Web were merely spectators, in the way someone reading a newspaper or watching TV still is today. However, the digital landscape has changed tremendously with the advent of social media. Through social media channels, people are now creating, sharing, and exchanging ideas, comments, suggestions, and so on, therefore bringing their contribution to the way the Internet evolves.

Any kind of content can be transferred through the means of social media. Texts, images, videos, and other forms of information are generated by users and then passed on to other users they are connected with.

Social media has become so complex during the last decade that it has multiple sub-categories, such as: social networking, video sharing, social bookmarking, social news and wikis. Not only popular social media websites – that name themselves as such – are part of social media; any website or blog where you can interact and bring your contribution and generate content as a user is part of this phenomenon. Revised January 4th, 2016 Submit a Website

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After countless hours searching the web, we have chosen the following websites as the best sites for this category.

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Social Networks [Hide]

Although the networks may be vast, they all have the social aspect in common.

Social News [Hide]

Instead of plain news that's presented in the typical way, these social news sites allow people to discuss news and current events.

Media Sharing [Hide]

Sites to share videos and pictures with your friends and strangers.

Professional [Hide]

To give your business an online presence that's more formal.

Social Bookmarking [Hide]

Places to bookmark or keep track of sites/ideas/things you find interesting.

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