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Food, Seeds

A major source of protein and calories, culinary seeds are part of the most important basic foods intended for human consumption. Their nutritional value is superior, and eating only a small quantity of seeds daily or weekly, can bring a substantial contribution to a person’s health.

Culinary seeds are rich in fiber, natural healthy fats, antioxidants – known to efficiently prevent the aging process – as well as vitamins and minerals. Like culinary herbs, they can be used for seasoning, but some can also be consumed slightly processed.

Cereals, nuts and legumes are part of the large family of seeds, but since they are used in different forms of cooking, for ease of understanding and use, culinary seeds mainly include highly flavored varieties like sesame seeds, flax seeds, and sunflower seeds. These are the most common and their benefits for health are widely known.

The content of fiber is superior in seeds. A diet rich in fiber prevents the onset of obesity and it also helps people fill full faster. The digestive system benefits greatly from regular intake of fiber, and many conditions can be prevented this way.

These seeds can also be pressed to obtain healthy vegetable oils that are used in cooking. Revised August 30th, 2015 Submit a Website

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