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We live in a very special time. A time where information is readily available and can be accessed by the touch of our fingers. Knowledge on any subject known to man can be searched for on the internet. The internet levels the playing field so that any person, regardless of their social or financial status can obtain the information that is available. The internet is far and vast, and without search engines we would be unable to sift through all that the internet has to offer us and its efficiency would be wasted.

Search engines are websites that allow us to search for the specific things we want to find on the internet and it shows us where we can find the results we’re looking for. Popular search engines include Google, Bing, and Yahoo! which make maneuvering the world-wide-web easier for everyone. To use a search engine, all the person has to do is enter a keyword into the search bar. A keyword is a word or phrase that is important to what the person wants to find.

The search engine then finds all the websites that contain that word or phrase and organizes them so that the most relevant and popular results are on top. Finding the most relevant and useful websites to display in the results is a lot more difficult than it seems and search engines are actually very complex. Advanced coding is involved to make them work and the codes and algorithms are always changing.

Every website wants to be the top search result for their niche and companies pay a lot of money to have their websites optimized so that search engines find them more relevant and people find them easier. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, is becoming a game-changer. Now, not only do businesses need websites, but they also need to be optimized for search engines, or their customers are less likely to find them without directly searching for them. Revised March 23rd, 2016 Submit a Website

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