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When you have to write an academic paper or something that you would like to publish you need to give credit to the work or ideas of anyone you have used as part of your writing. You should include a reference both in the text itself, which is known as an in-text citation, and also in a list at the end of your writing, which is known as a bibliography.

References help during your research for your writing as it allows you to check details and help you to structure your work as well as authenticity when you make a point and need to back it up with a solid argument. It helps the reader of your work to know where you got your information and can help you to achieve a better grade. It also helps you to avoid plagiarism, which is representing ideas from someone else as your own which is a form of cheating and is usually dealt with severely.

There are many ways to cite references in your work and often your school or college will be able to give you information about their preferred method of referencing but two standard methods are:
  • The Modern Language Association Method
  • American Psychological Association Method
 The Modern Language Association Method
The Modern Language Association (MLA) Method uses a two part citation procedure :
  1. A reference is given in parenthesis in the text usually with the author's name and the page numbers where the source can be found.
  2. A list of references in alphabetical order listed by the surname of the author at the end of the paper.
 Used in conjunction the work of others can be recognized in the text itself and also the source where it can be found.

 The American Psychological Association Method
The American Psychological Association (APA) Method has a number of procedures, which need to be followed:
  1. The author's surname and the year of publication need to be cited in the text
  2. The list of references needs to be included at the back.
  3. The authors must be listed in alphabetical order by surname and then n chronological order, followed by the year of publication.
  4. A lower case letter can be added to the end of a year if more than one source is published by the same author from the same year.
This allows the source to be recognized and where it can be located.

There are a variety of academic tools that you can use to make your research easier and to enable correct citation of resources. Remember, it is vital that you use the information you find during your research correctly in your writing and give credit where it is due to the work of those who have helped you create your assignment. Revised October 3rd, 2015 Submit a Website

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