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Recipes have been used for centuries as a way for people to remember how to make a particular culinary dish or to share with friends, relatives and the general public too. They should include details of ingredients that need to be used, how they should be prepared and then a method with detailed steps about how the ingredients need to be combined, cooked if necessary and served. 

The way we cook our food has changed dramatically over the years, from eating raw foraged or hunted food, to cooking over fire, creation of pots, utensils and tools, wood burners, cast iron ovens to our modern day versions and the variety of gadgets and gizmos we use to help us prepare our food.  Cooking has never been easier and yet, we still rely on recipes to tell us what we need to do.

Recipes have developed over time and the creation of recipe books and of course cooking programs, you can read about, and watch first hand, dishes being prepared and explained by top chefs or specialists in a certain culinary area.  Traditional, tried and tested recipes have been developed and perfected over time.  With our current technology it has never been easier to find and try new recipes too from all over the world.  As well as magazines, books and television food channels, there are also many recipes available online with many websites now dedicated to the creation and sharing of free and delicious recipes often with pictures or videos to give extra advice and demonstrate how the recipes can be created by you at home. Revised April 28th, 2016 Submit a Website

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Major Recipe Sites [Hide]

The best places to get scrumptious recipes to enjoy.

Videos [Hide]

Instead of just giving you the recipe, these sites show you videos of cooking recipes to make.

Search By Ingredient [Hide]

Sometimes you want to cook a certain food in a new way, and these sites will show you recipes based off of ingredients you enter.

Recipe Managers [Hide]

Recipes and shopping lists can get complex and redundant. These sites help you manage your recipes in one place and maintain your grocery lists.

Other Recipe Blogs [Hide]

Blogs that don't fit into the major recipe sites. These are more specific.

Communities [Hide]

Forums and communities where you can find and discuss recipes and everything food.

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