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Programming in a broad term that is typically applied n the field of computer science. It is the process of creating computer software applications or systems by using a variety of what are called programming languages. These programming languages have their own structure and syntax and are languages in the same way that English and Spanish are. The only difference is that programming languages are designed for human to be able to communicate with computers rather than other people.

The world of programming began with the invention of the Turing Machine. This primitive computer was actually a hypothetical device that manipulated symbols on a tape according to a table of rules. This was not a practical device, rather it was a simple proof of concept for the device we now call a computer. Later on, several of the first programming languages were developed and included Fortran and Assembly language. In the 1970s, two computer scientists at Bell Laboratories created the first object-oriented language, the C Programming Language.

In the world of programming today, there are a vast number of different languages available for different projects depending on what kind of task is to be accomplished. A couple of examples of programming language are:
  • C++: A high-level programming language based on the C Programming Language. Commonly used in applications such as interactive video games and even full operating systems.
  • Perl: An advanced scripting language used to complete tasks such as forms processing on web servers. 
  • Python: A relatively new programming language developed over the last decade. Is commonly used in situations where languages such as C++ can also be used but more interoperability between applications is needed. The name for this programming language is actually derived from the old BBC television show, Monty Python.
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