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It's a fairly well recognized concept that privacy is about protecting your personal identity and information from people who may choose to abuse it. Whether this is for purposes of research or something more sinister, unfortunately it's a fact of life that there are those who want to misuse this important information.

It may also be the case that you don't want someone snooping into your life and your interests or learning your habits. Some people don't want to be tracked online and for very good reason. So, what can you do to make sure you maintain your privacy online?

There are a number of features that many web browsers have that allow you to browse in private or not leave any trace of what you have been browsing and don't wish to leave anything for others to find. There are also specialist online solutions that can help to lock down your privacy and help you take control of what information you wish to allow others to know and what you wish to keep confidential.

Technology has advanced and the way in which information has been gathered and stored has changed and along with it the need for added security and privacy. The ability to share information has also made advancements from the development of the printing press to the wide scope of the Internet and new way to breach privacy.

There are websites available now that give you control over your information. Some of their features include:
  • Privacy – safeguarding your data in line with legislation, giving you sole rights over it's distribution
  • Flexibility – no need to make an account
  • Anonymity – allowing you not to use real identification details
  • Connect with others – still enjoy being part of the conversations
  • Encrypt and decrypt information for added security
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