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In modern times, printing is generally referred to as the act of sending documents or images from a computer to a printer to collect the text or image on paper. This is the most popular form of printing. It is the traditional method of transferring text or image to paper using paper and ink and a printing device.

Other types of printing involve specialized printers such as 3D or food printers. 3D printers are able to produce 3D objects based on the information and criteria entered into them. These types of printers are relatively new, being introduced only in the early 1980’s. However they have advanced enormously in the last several years, perfecting their technology to print virtually anything. Food printers are similar to 3D printers except they specialize in printing edible materials. These food printers not only make cuisine more interesting, but they also have the potential to convert unconventional food sources into edible food in a form that people are accustomed to.

Printing has actually been around for centuries. The original method was to copy text by hand onto another sheet of paper. This was painstaking and time consuming, so people began to use woodblocks and stencils to transfer texts to paper. Eventually this gave way to antiquated versions of the typewriter known as movable type and the printing press. The printing press revolutionized the process of printing, making it faster and easier to create copies. This increased the popularity of newspapers, making them available to the wider public. These methods eventually gave way to lithography, and printing advanced through the offset press, screen-printing, photocopying, laser printing, ink jet printing, all the way into today’s modern technologies.    

The most well known types of printers include:
  • The printing press
  • Screen printers 
  • Photocopiers
  • Thermal printers
  • Laser printers
  • Inkjet printers 
  • Digital printers
  • 3D printers
  • Food printers 
  • Label printers
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