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In this day and age, it is nothing uncommon for people to use passwords for almost everything important. They need to introduce a password when they use their credit cards, they need to type in a password when they want to access their email, and they need passwords whenever they must gain access to online accounts on various websites. Given the importance of passwords, password managers have come into being.

Password managers are specialized programs whose main role is to store all the passwords and usernames you use in an encrypted, well guarded database. People are often advised to avoid using the same username and password on all their online and even offline dealings, but juggling with many different pieces of information is difficult and counter-productive.

A password manager helps you get rid of all the digital clutter that needs to stick to your brain when you have to remember dozens of passwords. When you are using this type of program, you will only need to remember a master password and that is all.

Web browsers offer their own password managers, but they are not the best choice, as they do not encrypt your passwords in any way. For this reason, dedicated programs are recommended, as they offer superior protection. Revised January 24th, 2016 Submit a Website

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