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General Information
Outsourcing, obtaining goods or services from a company or individual outside the country or coorporation, that the person or entity is in. Looking for sources to assist other than those in house or in country. Having a more global appeal to the task at hand, seeking the best and most qualified person or company to handle the task or job for the best possible result, either to save money or to offer the most superior product. Outsourcing has brought the global community together.

Characteristics of Outsourcing
The main characteristics of outsourcing are:
  1. Client Communication
  2. Product Development
  3. Virtual Team Collaboration 
  4. Interchangeability
Modern times and the ease of global client communication has made outsourcing an efficient means for obtaining qualified workers. Products developed can be measured by others in different countries with different views. And the interchangeable nature of staff is eased with outsourcing, new team members can be brought in quickly and remotely without great expense and training. 

Benefits of Outsourcing
  • Internet Technology – with the ever-global economy and the emergence of the Internet the ability to outsource work around the world to the most qualified and cost efficient person is a clear benefit of outsourcing. It eliminates the need for work visas and other government complications that are present if the worker is required to be physically present. 
  • Logistics – benefit from outsourcing, the competitive edge of a company in a country that can physically deliver a product with their current business in place is an outsourcing benefit that would otherwise be cost prohibitive. Such as delivery companies. 
  • Content Development – An outsource benefit is on content, you can reduce costs by outsourcing the writing and research of content for both physically written things and online content for blogs and websites.
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