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General Information
Music has been present in life and culture for the entire history of civilization. Anything that makes a sound can be considered a musical instrument. Music is most commonly thought of as the combination or repetition of harmonious sounds. This is done by a single source or with a variety of sources. The sound sources include anything from voices to guitars. Western music is characterized by instruments that require a set of skills and training in order to play them. They are played by reading a set of notes, which correspond to different methods of playing.

Music in Modern Culture
Music seems to be an important part of life for most people today. Not everyone has to be a musician to appreciate music. People listen to music during exercise routines, in the shower, in their cars, on long walks, at parties, and even when they go to sleep. People spend billions of dollars every year purchasing music, attending concerts, and purchasing instruments. Music trends have gone through many phases over the course of history and today there are virtually limitless categories of music to choose from.

Genres of Music
There are endless categories and types of music available to listeners today.
  • Classical: Classical music refers to music that originated in the west around the 11th century. Examples of classical music composers include Ludwig van Beethoven, Frideric Handel, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Richard Wagner, and Edvard Grieg. 
  • Rock Music: Rock music is typically made up of heavier or more aggressive sounds such as drums and guitars. 
  • Pop Music: Originally derived from rock and roll in the 1950’s and 1960’s, pop is also linked to dance music. It refers to “popular music” to describe the popular music at the time. 
  • Techno: Techno music is the term for electronic dance music. It is a very popular music genre in modern times. 
  • Folk Music: Folk music typically encompasses anything regarded as traditional music.
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