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General Information
Office suites are a collection of software applications designed to help the computer user produce documents such as word processing documents, presentations, databases, spreadsheets and even things like art, music and video. These applications are known as productivity software because their aim is to increase the productivity of the worker.

There are often different versions of each office suite, which will be compatible with different operating systems. They often have an easy to use interface and give you access to many tools to make the documents you produce look professional and smart. Many come with pre-existing templates too that will help you to get started

Office suite software was first introduced in the 1980s and the applications completely transformed the workplace by increasing productivity and as computers have become a huge part of our daily personal lives so too has this kind of software expanded in its use and scope. Previously to office suites documents were produced on typewriters or through the use of printing and then manually completed by hand. This was both time consuming and open to human mistakes and errors. The introduction of office suites made it easy for professional looking documents to be created and errors to be corrected before being printed.

So what can you do with an office suite? Often the packages offer a variety of different applications within the suite. The most common are:
  • Word Processing – to compose, edit and format a piece of writing, useful for producing letters and other documents
  • Spreadsheets – to organize, analyze and store data, useful for accounting.
  • Presentation Program – displays information in a slide show format using text, pictures,, video and other graphical representations.
  • Database – organize and collect data that can be queried for information
  • Publishing – uses page layouts to create documents
So, you can use an office suite for a variety of different tasks and there are many available to choose from. Revised January 24th, 2016 Submit a Website

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