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General Information
News is the reporting of information that has been collated about current events from all over the world using different media including broadcasting, printed material and online sources to distribute the information. News is considered worthy if it captures public interest and journalists have the task of structuring the events and packaging it into a story that the general public can understand.

When these stories are reported the most newsworthy bulletins are given the longest time slot on a broadcasting program, the front page of the newspaper or the top of a news website. Lesser important articles are given much less exposure and eventually as the public loses interest some stories will disappear altogether.

Cultures all over the world have found ways to share stories and pass on information. In the olden days, news would spread by word of mouth. When printing presses were developed in Europe, news was brought by travelers, monks and town criers. Newspapers were invented in the 17th Century and the development of technology in the 20th Century with radio, television and the development of the Internet and mobile applications spread news on a global scale.

News will only be reported if it has one or more of the following conditions. If it is:
  • New – only current events can be considered news unless new evidence emerges from historical events which brings them back into public interest
  • Unusual – everyday things happen all the time but things that happen out of the ordinary make interesting stories. What is considered unusual differs depending on the society or culture.
  • Interesting – events which will be interesting to the general public 
  • Significant – will it have some kind of impact on every day lives
  • People focused – if the story is about people or something that could happen or has happened to people it will generally be of interest.
Passing on information is a very important role of the media and broadcasting to provide the facts as they have been provided to the rest of the country. So, the role of the news is to inform, educate and entertain. Revised July 2nd, 2016 Submit a Website

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