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Meditation, Mindfulness, Peace, Relaxation, Stress-Relieving, Tranquility

General Information
Meditation is the act of relaxation, a deliberate study into the contemplation of thought and reflection and concentration. Meditation can be done in many forms and there is no set rule or guideline except that there is deep relaxation and reflection and a real look into your inner self. Meditation is also a written inventory of a persons thoughts and experiences. It is practiced  in some form by every culture and society.

Characteristics of Meditation
Meditation in any given state is a general mindset of mindfulness and self-expression in the chosen art. Several disciplines have embraced the expressions of the deep reflection and path to self-awareness. A universal trait of any discipline of meditation is deep breathing. And in most, if not all meditation, a clouded mind is considered the most restricted and the most needed of clearing and enlightenment. Done in a quiet and secluded place with no distractions.

Uses of Meditation
  • Relaxation – One of the chief benefits of meditation is for the subject to relax, and free the mind of troubling thought that have become toxic to the overall heath and function of the person in their daily life. 
  • Enhanced Immune System - By concentration and conscientious meditation a person can heal their body and spirit and begin the path of self-healing. Many doctors and heath care providers recommend meditation as a first course of treatment.
  • Decreases the Aging Process – by breathing and relaxing a person can get oxygen to the cells of the body reducing the aging process and preventing long term health issues. 
  • Less Energy Wasted – by reducing the body's heart rate and lowering the metabolic rate you can save on energy and lower the amount needed to fuel the body. Reducing the overall amount of energy used.
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