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General Information
A media player is software that plays on hardware; it plays music, video, sound and photos. They are multi-application and multifunction. There are many different media files available for example .mp3, .mp4, .flv and so on. A powerful media player will be able to play many if not all of the different formats for video, audio and photo files. They come in many styles and with many features.

Characteristics of Media Players
The general characteristics of  media players are, screen, universal cross platform use, and format use, easy navigation and wireless compatible. There must be a screen, one that is easy to read, and preferably touch based. There needs to be cross platform use, on any device that you may have. The good medial players will support all the formats that you will find for your media that is easy to navigate. You do not want to have too much trouble finding what you want quickly. And the good ones are wireless compatible.

Uses for Media Players
Home Entertainment – Home entertainment is one of the main uses for media players. More homes are “connected” to the Internet and allow homeowners to use their home routers to utilize the connectivity and play their media on any device and in any room.
Mobile Entertainment – Mobile entertainment is a universal benefit of having a media player, no longer is a person strapped to their television or computer to utilize their media, they can move about on mobile devices that can hold all their media in a small and compact multifunction device.
Easy Portability – Easy portable and user friendly, a complete media library can be put in your coat pocket and taken anywhere, this is especially useful for people in the entertainment industry. They can have their complete portfolio on them at all times increasing their chance at landing a job or getting an interview.
Sharing – Sharing is a big advantage of medial players; you can share music and photos often times with a click or a blue tooth connection enabling you to share your media with anyone you choose on a moments notice. Revised January 18th, 2016 Submit a Website

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