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Food, Meat

Meat is the general definition given to animal flesh that is edible and included for human consumption. During prehistoric times, animals were hunted and used for their meat, bones, skin and fur, but later on, with the development of agriculture, humankind started to domesticate various animals like the pig, sheep, chicken and cattle.

A great source of protein, without which the human body cannot develop and function, as well as fat, meat is usually consumed in combination with other foods, like cereals, vegetables, legumes and herbs. Although some meats can be consumed raw, people have preferred, since the discovery of fire, to cook them and season them with herbs and spices, for added flavor.

Protein is mainly found in meat, and it is the most important nutrient for building muscles, bones and internal organs. Proper consumption of protein sources is especially recommended for pregnant women, in order for the fetus to develop properly. Vegetarian protein can be found in certain legumes, fungi, nuts and seeds, but meat still remains the most important source of protein.

Meat is also rich in fat, but there is an ever growing concern about the consumption of animal fat that leads to the increase of bad cholesterol, and subsequently, to the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Lean cuts are therefore preferred by cooks everywhere. Revised August 30th, 2015 Submit a Website

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