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General Information
Lodging, or accommodation is a boarding for usually a short period of time such as during a holiday or brief vacation. Lodging can take place in many ways, such as in a hotel, hostel, motel, bed and breakfast or campground. As opposed to residence where a person completely moves where he lives and where he holds his home to be. In a lodging accommodation the person has no intent to stay permanently, nor do they consider it their residence or domicile. Lodging typically has a fee and is usually charged by the amount of day/nights the person plans to stay.

Characteristics of Lodging
A characteristic of lodging is renting a room or bed in someone’s house or apartment. Or commonly known as room and board. It is a sleeping accommodation and can sometimes be rather primitive. Another characteristic is that the person usually only brings enough clothes and other personal affects that he or she needs for the determined amount of time. Lodging involves no ownership rights nor rental rights outside the predetermined amount of time scheduled to be spent in the accommodation.

 Uses of Lodging
  • Short Term Stays – Most vacations or holidays are referred to as short-term stays or short-term lodging. Most involve hotels and rooms in that hotel, where amenities are suitable for short stays.
  • Long Term Stays – Long term stays, or temporary visits occur when someone stays longer than a short vacation.
  • Work Assignments – A long-term lodging may be necessary for a long work assignment out of town or in another country. 
  • Schooling – Schooling is a good use of lodging. Schooling often involves a long term move that is not permanent therefore is characterized as lodging on a long-term basis with no intent on long-term residence.
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