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The term “local” relates to the particular geographical area that you live in or it may refer to somewhere you may wish to visit on holiday or perhaps something to think about if you are considering relocating.   Each village, suburb, town, city and county has a unique and interesting history and not only is that important in itself but even more so because it becomes part of the people who live there and provides a context for the stories of their lives.

Each place will have its local places of interest, places of natural beauty, unusual buildings, historical monuments, museums, galleries, theaters and other places of entertainment.  You will find a wealth of local restaurants, cafés, bistros, bars and nightlife as well as shopping centers, chain or high street stores mixed in with locally owned businesses, boutiques, gift stores and specialty stores that may sell local crafts, food or products.

By supporting your local area, you become part of the community and it becomes part of you.  Finding out about what is literally on your doorstep or doing some research about an area that you plan to visit would be wise and there are many ways you can do that.  Tourist information centers may be able to send you information and leaflets about local places of interest and each local area will have listings in their local yellow pages or perhaps in the classified or advertisement sections of local newspapers.  Of course, you can always check online and find a wealth of information about the place you live or places you'd like to visit. Revised January 17th, 2016 Submit a Website

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