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Kaniwa is an ancient seed from the flowering plant called goosefoot but it's marketed as a whole grain food and has been part of the staple diet of the local population of the Andes for generations. It is very closely related to quinoa and is considered to be the most resistant seed to frost, drought, salt and pests. Kaniwa seeds are a dark red-brown color and are half the size of quinoa – they are given the nickname “baby quinoa”.  Kaniwa does not contain any saponins, unlike quinoa, which gives it a soapy, bitter flavor if it is not rinsed before cooking. 

It is a naturally gluten free seed and has a lovely crunchy texture and mild nutty flavor.  It is often lightly toasted in a pan before covering with water and absorbs the water in about 15-20 minutes.  It is very tasty and can be used in soups, salads, pilafs and stir-fries or eaten like a breakfast cereal with honey chopped fruit and nuts.

Kaniwa, although similar to quinoa, is in some ways different.  It contains more protein and iron than quinoa and is full of essential amino acids, B vitamins and a range of minerals including calcium and phosphorous. Revised August 24th, 2015 Submit a Website

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