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General Information
Working for a living, where your skills, talents and labor is exchanged for payment is a concept we're all familiar with. For some, working is a way to provide for their families, for others it's for personal growth and development but whatever reason you have a job the reason why most of us work is for money.

Finding a job is sometimes very difficult, the market right now is very competitive and due to the economic situation in many countries many businesses have closed. So how can you find work in this current climate?

When a company has a job vacancy they will often advertise the opening to attract potential applicants. There are a variety of different ways they can do this:
  • Working in conjunction with the local labor market and governmental agencies
  • Newspapers, magazines and other printed media
  • Recruitment drives and open days
  • Word of mouth
  • Advertising online
Applicants will then:
  • Apply for the job via the internet, by phone or by regular post,
  • Send their resume – a detailed compilation of their work history and skills, 
  • Complete an application form which helps the employers decide who they would like to interview,
  • Attend the interview if shortlisted
  • Complete any necessary paperwork if they are offered the job
  • Agree a start date and work a period of notice with their current employer if they currently have a job,
  • Complete any background checks required.
The most common way to find a job now is to access the many job vacancy websites that exist online. Many of they will allow you to create an account and create a resume and cover letter to send to potential employers. They allow you to search through their vacancy database and apply directly and easily to the employer of your choice. Many of them will also send you recommendations of jobs in your local area or that match your skills. Employers are also able to search for people they feel would be suitable for the vacancies they have and contact you directly usually via email or a messaging system on the website to invite you to apply or invite you for an interview. Revised January 24th, 2016 Submit a Website

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