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One of the most efficient and significant methods of sharing information is using infographics. Infographics, which refers to information graphic, combine imagery, text, and numbers into one area to create a learning tool for sharing information, data, or knowledge.  Infographics feature charts, diagrams, images, graphs, and statistics. The use of infographics is beneficial because they can convey information quickly to the observer. In addition, humans are able to process the information in an infographic more quickly.

In the past, infographics were primarily used in scientific articles and documents among the circles of the scientific and medical communities. Now, infographics can be seen everywhere including newspapers, magazines, maps, books, weather analysis, and presentations used in business and educational settings. Infographics are even used in television and other visual marketing platforms.

Infographics have been in use since the 17th century. They were commonly used to present data in the fields of math and science. Today, they are still most commonly used in the academic sciences, but they have expanded are frequently used in the business and marketing fields as well. They are also useful in explaining and aiding situations in everyday life. For example, a common infographic can be seen on public maps posted on bus stops and subway stations. These maps display a detailed image of the local area with different colored highlighted routes. They contain written explanations of where the buses and subways are going. They also include numbers to show how long the travel time is and the schedules. The maps are often labeled to show the streets and landmarks. Observing these infographics is far easier than reading a detailed description of a bus route when trying to choose the right bus and route for the desired destination.

The Most Common Types of Infographics Include:
  • Maps
  • Networks
  • Hierarchies
  • Time Series diagrams
  • Statistical graphs
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