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General Information
Image editors are software programs that are used to change and edit an image, photo or other type of graphic. They also allow these images to be saved or converted into different formats. You can make a lot of changes to the graphic including cropping or resizing, adding filters to adjust different aspects like contrast or color, add special effects, remove red eyes and use layers to produce a composite image where each layer can have a different part of the image placed on it and moved around to the desired location in the frame. Images are broken down into pixels and image editors can even enlarge the image so that each individual pixel can be worked on, removed or changed in some way.

Almost all images that appear in magazines or online have been edited in some manner and this is a major part of the process for preparing modern photographs and images for publication.

The changing of photos has existed since photography itself was invented. Traditionally, pictures were retouched using ink, paint, a process called double exposure and later through the use of airbrushes. In the 1860's a portrait of John C Calhoun was changed to include his body but the head of Abraham Lincoln. In the 1980s digital retouching became popular and some of the early image editors have been replaced with many more sophisticated versions with more tools and options for the user.

There are many features of image editors that can help you to make really great looking images:
  • Selection – marking out a part of the image to work on.
  • Layers – transparent images that can be stacked and moved around in order to create a composite image.
  • Size Alteration – images can be made larger or smaller.
  • Cropping – certain parts of the image can be selected and the rest of the unwanted image can be removed.
  • Removing Unwanted Parts – red eye, noise, dust and scratches.
  • Changing Colors – either in the whole image or selected parts.
  • Change Orientation – images can be flipped or rotated
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