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Have you ever thought doing any DIY or perhaps makes something new?  “How To” instructions offer a step by step guide to help you create whatever it is you'd like to make and they often come with diagrams, pictures or videos to accompany the guide to give you clear instructions about what you have to do.  The practice of making things yourself is commonly known as “DIY” which stands for Do It Yourself.  Do it yourself is a means of building, changing or fixing something without the help of an expert.

The term DIY has been used since 1912 and was mostly used in connection with performing your own maintenance to your property or for home improvement projects.    In the 1950s DIY was very popular as people gained new skills to make changes to their homes through construction or through learning new crafts.  However, the actual instructional “How To” methodology as a way to replicate and make something is a lot older.  In the ruins of a 6th Century BC Greek structure, Italian archaeologists found detailed instructions for a building that looked like some kind of temple.  The instructions had detailed mason's marks and showed instructions about how to construct the different components and how to put them together. 

“How To” instructions for DIY projects can be found in many different places. There are:
  • Books and Magazines - related to every possible craft and project you could ever want from baking and crochet to vehicle mechanics and woodworking.
  • How To Guides – located in various hardware shops, craft shops, art shops and similar.
  • Videos & DVDs – instructional follow along recordings that allow you to watch and work along side by following and replicating the steps.
  • TV Programs – there are entire networks dedicated to DIY shows, a lot of which are dedicated to home and garden improvement or look at specific skills like plastering or painting.
  • The Internet – provides a wide range of websites around different projects and home improvement techniques but you also have a lot of everyday people blogging about what DIY they're doing with pictures and instructions.  There is of course those who like to create videos with audio and written instructions for you to learn how to do things yourself.  This is becoming the most popular way to learn something new.
From making jewelry to beauty tips, leather making to stone carving and everything in between you are sure to find instructions online for almost anything you could ever imagine. Revised October 1st, 2015 Submit a Website

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