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General Information
Global positioning system, or GPS has created a new wave of GPS games, or known by its other name geocaching. These are games played by people with devices that have global positioning systems technology on them, and third party software to interface with. In general it is an activity that involves people looking for other people or things hidden by others or for others to find. This is typically in the real physical world, but not always.

Characteristics of GPS Games
All GPS games have the main characteristic of being a software type of program either on a stand-alone product or as an application on a smart device such as a phone, tablet or computer. They can be built into car systems such as map programs built right into the car or aftermarket. They are lightweight and portable.

Uses of GPS Games
  • Golfing – Golfing is a use for GPS games, you can load and use these programs on a smart phone or they can be on stand alone devices as hand held or a wrist watch version where you can cache your results in the device and software and compete with others.
  • Location Based – Location based GPS games are games and software that are used in specific localities for a specific purpose such as finding hidden items for a group or charitable purpose.
  • Map Searching – GPS Games can be played without even leaving your couch by searching online maps for hidden things in the real world via the global satellite system.  
  • Mystery Scavenger – Emerging are mystery shopping and GPS Games where you can shop secretly. These GPS games or programs can help both retailers and the people who do the scavenger hunts by paying them for their efforts.
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