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Widespread in Europe, Asia and Africa,and now can also be found in North America; gooseberries are closely related to currants,. They are small, firm fruits that grow in thorny bushes, of a yellowish transparent color. The American and European variants are the most popular at the moment.

Although the yellow variant is the best known, gooseberries are also red, green and even black. Even their shape can vary, as some are round, others are oval and others have a more peculiar elongated shape. An interesting aspect about this small fruit is that in the same bush you can find tart fruits, as well as sweet fruits.

Like many other berries, the gooseberry is rich in anti-inflammatory agents that also help reducing the symptoms of aging. Although oranges and other citrus fruits are considered to be the richest in vitamin C, berries are actually the absolute winners in this category. Gooseberries, for instance, have 20 times more vitamin C than what you will find in the same quantity of oranges.

Another great trait of gooseberries is that they do not lose their vitamin C content when they are cooked. This means that your gooseberry recipes will remain as tasty and vitamin C rich as when consumed raw.

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