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General Information
Google is a multinational company that specializes in providing services and products online. It began as a search engine but now offers a wide variety of different experiences for their users:

  • Google Mail – called Gmail which is a web based email system
  • Google Maps and Google Earth – a way to locate places all around the world and get directions
  • Google Drive – online storage
  • Google Hangouts – messaging and connecting with others
  • Google Translate – helps to convert pieces of text from one language to another
  • Google Docs – create word processing documents, spreadsheets and presentations
  • Google Calendar – organize your daily tasks
And many many more.

Google runs approximately one million servers in data centers worldwide and processes over a billion search requests each day. It's name originates from the word “googol” which is the number one followed by one hundred zeros and is meant to allude to the search engine's ability to retrieve large amounts of information.

Google is also a future thinking company and invests in some interesting ideas such as renewable energy, self-driving cars and wearable technology.

In 1995 two students Sergey Brin and Larry Page met at Stanford University. They worked on a project together in 1996, which was called “BackRub” which eventually became the Google search engine. Brin and Page were not experienced in HTML and that's why Google has a simple homepage design. was registered as a domain on September 15th 1997

Google's mission is “to organize the world's information and make it universally accessible and useful”. No matter what you want to do whether it's store your important files, find directions to a location, send email or organize your life Google has an application or resource that can help you. It is the most widely used search engine and the most popular worldwide. Revised January 4th, 2016 Submit a Website

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Web & Social Products [Hide]

Products that Google offers that incorporate communication, the web, and connecting with other people.

Media & Geo Products [Hide]

These Google services focus on location and online media like videos and news.

Home & Office [Hide]

Google's version of many of the productivity softwares we use every day. Word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets that we cant live without.

Web & Development Products [Hide]

Sites by Google that make creating and profiting from your site possible.

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Information about what Google is and how they operate.

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