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General Information
Email, abbreviated from electronic mail, is a type of digital correspondence. Email is the exchange of messages from one person to one or more receivers via the Internet or computer network, under what is known as a store-and-forward model. Systems for exchanging email work on email servers that then deliver, accept, forward, and store mail. Email is a very common way of corresponding via the Internet and most people have multiple email accounts, for both personal and business uses.

Characteristics of Email
There are three components that make up every email message that is sent: the envelope, header, and body. The envelop from the author is sent followed by the envelope from the recipient addresses. The email’s header is where the recipients email address is placed as well as the subject line where the sender can insert descriptive information for the message. The body of the email contains the actual mail or message being sent.

Accessing Email
In order to begin using email, users must first have access to an Internet connection and an email platform. There are different platforms available in a wide variety of design and uses. The most widely used and popular email platforms are Yahoo! Mail, Gmail, Outlook, Hotmail, and there are many more available for use. While a computer with an Internet connection is the most common way of accessing email, email can also be accessed via a smartphone with a corresponding email platform application.

Email Use
Email can send any information that has been digitized. The body of an email can contain typed text, along with attached images, and other files such as documents, as well as media files like images and videos. Email is generally the primary form of written communication used in business, but email is utilized for personal use as well. Revised March 6th, 2016 Submit a Website

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