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Thanks to the Internet, businesses are able to reach wider audiences for selling their products and services. Almost every major retail chain has a website or app where their products can be purchased online. It is becoming an increasing trend for minor businesses to set up online storefronts as well. Many new businesses are opting to eliminate the walk-in store option altogether and are setting up exclusively as online retailers.

Businesses must follow certain steps in order to set up their virtual stores. In order to sell products and services online, businesses frequently use ecommerce software to build virtual storefronts. These virtual storefronts are referred to as Ecommerce platforms, where consumers can purchase products through the web. Ecommerce platforms have grown in popularity recently due to the convenience and ease of online shopping.

Using Ecommerce Platforms
Businesses using these platforms to sell their goods and services must build and host a digital storefront. The executive of the project has many decisions to make when setting up their ecommerce platform. The user has the option to choose which programming language to use to build their platform. These programming languages include JavaScript, PHP, and .net. If the user does not know the difference between the languages, they may opt to use the most popular. The most popular programming language for building ecommerce platforms is JavaScript. The business owner may build it themselves and hire a private personal development team or they may outsource the project to a skilled and experienced professional. They must also make the decision of whether to host it themselves or to make it available on demand. The ecommerce platforms offer benefits and business tools that include merchandising, pricing, search tools, personalization of sales, and a product management suite. Revised October 3rd, 2015 Submit a Website

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