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The durian is probably, one of the most controversial fruits in existence, as some people find its smell and taste sweet and pleasant, while others can feel downright disgusted with its overpowering odor. Originally from Indonesia and Malaysia, the durian has been at the center of many debates, and, at the moment, it is banned from Singapore subways to avoid passengers from getting offended by its smell. There are also hotels and other public places where the selling or consumption of this fruit is absolutely forbidden for the same reason.

Despite all these controversies, the durian enjoys an outstanding reputation in Southeast Asia, where it comes from. Named the ‘king of fruits’, its size is quite impressive at maturity, when it can weigh up to 7 pounds. The fruit is easy to recognize because of its thorny husk that, however, does not manage to keep the smell of the ripe flesh inside, once the time for harvest is overdue.

The durian is not famous only in Asian countries. The Western world has known about it for over six centuries and the durian was included in the writings of important naturalists, like Alfred Russel Wallace who said about its taste to be similar with almonds mixed with custard. Revised August 23rd, 2015 Submit a Website

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