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General Information 
The acronym DIY refers to the phrase “do it yourself.” This is generally regarded as undertaking a project that may be traditionally outsourced to other professionals. Do it yourself projects range from everything to renovating a home to designing your own website. DIY has become an ever-increasing trend in recent decades. There are many stores, books, blogs, articles, videos, and television shows dedicated to different types of DIY projects. DIY has become even more popular since the last recession, making it easy and fun for people to cut costs.

Evolution of DIY
Do it yourself, or DIY, is essentially the modern day version of the How To. A How To is a guide, written, recorded or verbalized set of instructions on how to complete a task. DIY is a trend that has expanded out over every subject and area of life.  Additionally, more and more people are opting to make things and perform tasks themselves for entertainment purposes more than financial reasons. DIY has remained popular among the less financially secure and wealthy classes alike.

Categories of DIY
There are many categories of DIY that are often communicated through a variety of methods.
  • DIY Home: Home DIY projects include paint jobs, renovations, plumbing fixes, electrical fixes, homemade decorations, home-made furniture, home-made organizational tools, and interior design.
  • DIY Beauty: DIY beauty includes things such as homemade face masks, home-made lotions, DIY manicures, DIY pedicures, haircuts, clothing design, and home-made makeup. 
  • DIY Services: DIY services include any task that is normally professionally outsourced such as programming, computer repair, shoe repair, clothing repair, dry cleaning, animal grooming, and general equipment repair. 
  • DIY Fun Projects: DIY fun projects include easy to make items or gifts such as stuffed animals, snow globes, ornaments, toys, baked goods, notebooks, jewelry, artwork, puzzles, scrapbooks, and purses.
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