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General Information
Dating is the act where two people, typically a man and a woman, but not always so, man and man and woman and woman too, can date. Dating or companionship is a social activity usually intimate and private, although out in public places. The intimate relation involved is in a relationship that it is not a larger social setting or group like a party or gathering, but usually two people who have a mutual interest in one another beyond basic friendship.

Characteristics of Dating

The main characteristics of dating is the search for mating partners beyond mere friendship, whereas in friendly relationships there is a missing ingredient of intimacy. The goal of dating is to be more than just casual friends. There is a desire to find a lifetime partner with reproduction in mind. The dating ritual involves many complex social maneuvers and interactions.

Uses for Dating
Marriage – Dating is good in that it helps potential mates find each other for the end result of marriage and family. The basic and ultimate desire of most humans is to reproduce and mate with one person for life.
Intimacy – A relationship beyond friendship will involve more intimacy, or a sharing of more secret details of ones own life, love and goals that one would not share with a friend.
Social Agenda – Dating can further ones social agenda and build confidence so that a person can learn who he or she is and determine what types of people they are ultimately looking for when it comes to character traits and looks. It can move you up or down in social status.
Child Rearing – Dating has a useful purpose in screening for mates whom a person would feel comfortable reproducing with and who would be good at nurturing children. It is to find a responsible partner who can co parent. Revised January 26th, 2016 Submit a Website

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