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General Information
Data backup is a way to copy files to another location as a means to protect important documents in the event that the original location fails or becomes corrupted and inaccessible. It is a way to archive files and folders so that they can be restored in the event of such circumstances. You should backup any information, documents and other files that can't be easily replaced.

There are many reasons why your data may be lost including:
  1. Computer viruses or malware
  2. Hardware failure
  3. File corruption
  4. Flood or fire damage
  5. Theft
Some information like financial documents or customer information may be vital to the running of your business and some information may be important for other reasons or have sentimental value: files such as pictures, music and videos.

Before magnetic tape was introduced in the 1960's data was backed up on punch cards, which were made to restore data in case it was lost. Magnetic tape could store as much data as up to 10,000 punch cards and became the preferred way of storing computer data up until the 1980s which was when the hard disk drive was created and became the standard storage device used in personal computers. The introduction of redundant array of inexpensive disks (RAID) in the 1990s used a number of hard drives to share data across them and this has paved the way for the technology we see today.

There are different ways that you can backup your files and documents:
  • Another hard drive – you can get devices that plug in and you can transfer the files you want onto a separate drive 
  • Portable Storage – CDs and diskettes used to be the main way to save copies of files though they are becoming less used now in favor of flash drives
  • Online Storage – there are many online solutions that will allow you to keep a copy of your important files and documents safely and securely online giving you access to the information you need anywhere you can access a computer with an Internet connection.
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