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General Information
Cycling is the sport of riding a bicycle or other wheel-bearing vehicle that is powered exclusively by the manual force of a human. It is also a common aerobic exercise performed by those who wish to attain or maintain a certain level of physical fitness. Some cyclists are your average neighbour while others are accomplished professional athletes who compete in competitions such as the Tour de France.

While the wheel may have been created long ago, the bicycle did not become a common item until the 19th and 20th centuries. When they were first built, they began as luxury items reserved for more affluent customers. Many designs include a small wheel in the back and a very large wheel in the front but this was not a strict rule. These early bicycles had only one gear and were intended to travel at a speed not much greater than walking. Over time and with the development of the automobile, bicycles became much cheaper and more practical. They became common items for less affluent persons to use in their daily transportation needs.

Contemporary Designs

Now that bicycles are very commonplace, there are a multitude of designs that are intended for a variety of purposes. Some different designs include:
  • Mountain and Trail Bicycles: Theses bicycles are designed for use of non-paved and irregular terrains. They usually include some type of heavily treaded tire for traction on trails that are comprised of dirt, rocks, and possibly sand. They also typical have numerous gears for different speeds so that the cyclist can have the proper resistance for uphill and downhill travel.
  • Cruiser Bicycles: These bicycles typically have a simpler design and are intended for use on paved surfaces. They usually only possess one gear that is low resistance and low speed, although some models have an additional gear for higher speeds. These bicycles tend to be far less rugged and more aesthetically pleasing that mountain bicycles.
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